Self-Paced Training

Owl Software has a growing catalog of self-paced training modules that can be accessed from a variety of devices. The modules are divided into lessons and include audio and video presentations that provide step-by-step instructions.

Owl Software Self-Paced Training Modules with Lessons including Audio and Video Presentations for Tech Wizard and Production Wizard
TechWizard Software Logo for Nutrition Labeling Batching and Food Formulation by Owl Software

TechWizard™ General Training

1000 Navigation

This module covers starting TechWizard™ and shows you how to access its features.

1005 Edit Ingredient File

This module covers the many ways one can modify the information stored in a TechWizard™ ingredient file.

1010 Formula Development

This module introduces the TechWizard™ Formula Development section.

1015 Labeling

This module introduces the TechWizard™ Nutrition Labeling section.

1020 Ice Cream Basics

This module covers key TechWizard™ features using an ice cream example. You will learn how to create a least cost formula based on a desired composition, calculate the density of ice cream with air added, create a batch report, create a nutrition facts panel, and create an ingredient statement.

Production Wizard Logo Day to Day Food Batching Software for Controlling and Simplifying Key Operations

Production Wizard™ General Training

2000 Navigation

This course explains how to start Production Wizard™ and shows you how to access its features.

2001 Daily Operations

This course covers the Production Wizard™ procedures used on a daily basis. This includes filling tanks, updating tank composition, and creating batch reports.