TechWizard™ Examples

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TechWizard Example BBQ Sauce Recipe Hot and Sweet plus Allergens Kitchen Batch Sheet and Nutrition Facts

Tom is building a BBQ sauce recipe in TechWizard™. He will have TechWizard™ determine how hot and sweet the recipe is, determine which allergens are present, create a test kitchen batch sheet, create a nutrition facts panel, and transfer his information to his company’s standard report system.

TechWizard Software Example Pizza Formula including Crust Ingredients based on Dough plus Sauce Ingredients Formula

Carla is building a pizza formula in TechWizard™. She will create a pizza crust ingredient based on the dough she is using, create a pizza sauce ingredient based on her sauce formula, and combine the two with a topping of mozzarella cheese to make a pizza formula. See how she uses this information.

TechWizard Example Spice Blend Cost of Formulation plus Reports like Spec Sheet and Nutrition Facts Panel and Ingredient Statement

Chef Bob is working on a new spice blend. He will be evaluating the cost of his formulation and working on some improvements. He is creating a variety of reports including a spec. sheet, a nutrition facts panel with an ingredient statement, and a bar chart comparing different versions of his formula.

TechWizard Example Ice Cream Compositional Requirements Fat Sucrose Corn Syrup Stabilizer

William is creating an ice cream in TechWizard™ that meets a variety of compositional requirements (12% fat, 11% MSNF, 14% Sucrose, 3% corn syrup, 0.35% stabilizer, and 0.15% stabilizer). See what else William is doing.

TechWizard Example Reverse Engineer an Ice Cream from a Competitors Nutrition Facts Label

Pam is using TechWizard™ to create an ice cream formula based on information from a competitor’s nutrition facts panel.

TechWizard Example Processed Cheese Blend Least Cost Formulation and Food Labeling

Elaine is optimizing a new processed cheese formulation using TechWizard™. This example shows how TechWizard™ can blend least cost formulation and food labeling.

TechWizard Example Blueberry Protein Drink Concentrate Ingredients and Nutrition Facts Panel

Kelly is creating a new blueberry concentrate in TechWizard™ and trying it out in a new protein drink formulation. She will be evaluating ingredient costs, creating a nutrition facts panel, and saving this version of her recipe in TechWizard™.