TechWizard™ Specialized Calculations

TechWizard™ includes various calculators to assist with formula evaluation and development.

TechWizard Software does Specialized Calculations to Assist with Food Formula and Development

Batch Calculations

TechWizard™ has a variety of useful features for preparing batches and creating reports.

Batch Report: The user can enter a total amount needed and the corresponding amounts of each ingredient are displayed in any unit of measure. The user can select from available batch reports or Owl Software can create a customized report.

Use-It-Up™ Feature: Determine the size batch you must prepare to use an exact amount of a particular ingredient.

Set Ingredient Percentage: This feature determines the amount of an ingredient to use for a set batch size. Suppose you wish to use 100 mL of flavoring in 2000 liters of finished product. This feature uses this information to to set the required amount of flavoring (% weight) in the formula.

Round-Off Feature: In plant operations, it is typically not possible to dispense ingredients to the nearest milligram or milliliter. Instead you may only be able to dispense to the nearest pound, gallon, liter, bag, etc. Round to a particuar unit of measure and see the change in ingredient amounts, formula composition, and batch size.

General Calculators

There are general calculators for unit conversion, price conversion, and calculating density.

Alcohol Calculations

Evaluating and formulating products that contain alcohol can be a challenge. TechWizard™ includes calculators whereby the alcohol content is entered as a volume percentage (proof) and converted to a weight percentage. This allows for straight forward formula development.  Afterward, the information on the alcohol containing formula such as volume percentage (proof) and density can be quickly obtained.

Ingredient Data Entry and Composition Calculations

TechWizard™ includes a variety of calculators to make data entry more efficient. There are calculators to estimate solids or water content, calculate calorie content, convert vitamin daily values to actual amounts, estimate density, and convert amino acid content from grams per grams of Nitrogen to grams per grams of ingredient. There are also calculators for unit and price conversion.

The TechWizard™ ingredient composition calculator can determine the composition of a liquid ingredient converted to a powder, a product fried in cooking oil, an extruded product, or a dairy ingredient based on total solids and butterfat values.

Recipe Entry

Formula information can come in many forms depending on the product.  The recipe entry feature allows ingredient amounts to be entered using any unit of measure (cups, Kg, L, bags, bottles, etc.). Once a recipe is entered you can evaluate its composition, develop a nutrition label, use it as the starting place for developing a new formulation, or resize for any batch size.

Special Features for Frozen Foods

TechWizard™ can formulate frozen desserts and other products to have a particular ice content at a desired temperature. There are a variety of reports that show the calculated freezing point and ice content of a formula at a particular temperature.  Multiple formula comparisons can be displayed.