TechWizard™ provides key product development, labeling, and formulation features in an intuitive, easy to use software program.

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TechWizard™ provides key product development, labeling, and formulation features in an intuitive, easy to use software program.

Nutrition Labeling

TechWizard™ makes it easy to prepare a nutrition facts panel, spec sheet, nutrition data sheet, ingredient statement, or allergen statement for any food product. Formulas can be adjusted for moisture and/or fat content.  Information can be printed, saved as a PDF document, or as an Excel file. Create a high quality graphics file for your Nutrition Facts in a variety of formats.

Ingredient Database

Ingredient information is easily entered and edited in the ingredient file. The entire USDA Food Composition database is also provided. The new master ingredient file feature makes it easy to update and maintain multiple ingredient files. The Ingredient Request Wizard™ makes it easy to get the latest information from your vendors. Multiple users can edit the ingredient file simultaneously.

Formulation Based on Artificial Intelligence

TechWizard™ is the perfect formulation tool especially for nutrient drinks, nutrient bars, meat, dairy products, cultured products, frozen desserts, processed cheese and snack foods. It can quickly provide cost analysis for any amount of product. With TechWizard™ you can prepare least-cost formulations while setting limits on a variety of properties such as fat, total solids, protein, calories, sodium, sweetness, etc. Create your own properties or build complex property equations to formulate for any requirement.

Specification Sheets

Creating specification sheets is a snap with TechWizard™. A specification sheet can be created for either a formula or an ingredient and it can include information on any property including Kosher status, organic status and allergen content. Put your company’s logo at the top of the report and print or save as a PDF document or an Excel file.

Frozen Dessert Formulation

Owl Software is the industry leader for formulating and evaluating frozen dessert products. TechWizard™ includes a variety of formulation tools based on Artificial Intelligence and reporting tools that are tailor made for creating frozen desserts, novelties, and inclusions. TechWizard™ has features for calculating the overrun of plain products or products containing inclusions.

Goal Oriented Formulation

One of the more difficult tasks involved with developing a new formulation is determining how much of each ingredient to use to meet compositional, quality, and flavor goals. In the beginning stages of product development the researcher may only be interested in knowing if such a formulation can be found. You may be starting from a recipe in a cookbook. You may need to trim fat, sodium and/or calories from your products. We refer to this process as goal oriented formulation. TechWizard™ has Artificial Intelligence features that help you determine your goals and how to meet them.

Reverse Engineering

Need to duplicate an existing product or determine if someone is infringing on a patent? TechWizard’s Artificial Intelligence feature has the capability to use product analyses results or a product’s nutrition label and the ingredient list to develop an equivalent formulation.

Specialized Food Product Calculations

TechWizard™ has specialized calculations to aid in formula evaluation and development. TechWizard™ calculations encompass: alcohol content, ice content, mass balance, and moisture loss to name a few.

Import Supplier Information

When you are developing a new product, preparing a nutrition label, or an allergen statement you need the latest ingredient information from your suppliers. This is a simple task with Owl Software’s new Ingredient Request Wizard™. This new feature allows you to update ingredient composition, Kosher status, organic status and allergen content with the click of a button.

Training & Technical Support

If you like to learn at your own pace, register for one of our online training modules. You can also schedule one-on-one online training. Owl Software provides a manual with the software. We also offer telephone and web-based support. TechWizard™ has built in automated examples to make learning how to use the program much easier.

Custom Improvements to Meet Your Needs

Need a custom feature or report?
Need a custom application?
Owl Software can customize TechWizard™ or Production Wizard™
for your special needs.

Multiple Network User Accounts

Set up as many user accounts as needed. Users can log onto TechWizard™ and have separate options, formula files, and ingredient files. This feature can be used to set up separate options and files for each project or client.