Keeping formulas on track.

Production Wizard

Production Wizard™ brings the power of TechWizard™ to the plant floor and simplifies day-to-day batching. Production Wizard™ keeps your formulas on track.

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Production Wizard™ controls the key operations involved in day-to-day batch operations starting with the arrival of raw ingredients, keeping track of the composition of these raw ingredients, creating batch reports based on the current composition of each ingredient, and finally sending batch report information to inventory and process control software.

Antiquated calculation techniques such as Pearson’s Square, the Serum Point Formula, the Milk and Cream Formula, or algebraically solving for a few unknowns are not robust enough for today’s formulation requirements. Manufacturers need to be able to handle a variety of formulation contingencies efficiently on a daily basis. These contingencies include making the same formula at various locations, reclaiming salvage, switching tanks during a batching operation, or formula restandardization. Production Wizard™ is the answer.

Quick Return on Your Investment
Production Wizard™ will start saving you money immediately.Production Wizard™ provides for fast and efficient batch creation, reduces product loss, and provides for more efficient use of your staff's time. Formulas created in TechWizard™ are compatible with Production Wizard™.

Easy to Follow User Interface
Production Wizard™ simplifies the batching process. A unique user interface breaks the process down into a series of easy to follow steps. The entire process is completely controlled based on how the formula is configured. A variety of configurations are available to handle a multitude of possible situations.

Least Cost Formulation
Production Wizard™ can evaluate all ingredients in a food product and quickly come up with a recipe that reduces cost and meets desired specifications in a matter of seconds.

Reduce Product Losses
Production Wizard™ makes reformulation easy. A product or mix can be quickly re-standardized or reworked into a new formulation using Production Wizard™. The operator answers a few simple questions and Production Wizard™ does the rest. Ingredient use can be limited to control allergenicity.

Advanced Batching
Production Wizard™ makes it easy to prepare a concise print out of the formulation that lists the amount of each ingredient plus any corresponding information and instructions. Production Wizard™ allows the user to create multiple batches for a single mix. This is advantageous if the user wishes to make an amount of mix that is much greater than what the finished mix tank can hold. Users typically bristle at having a separate report for each batch. This new feature allows a single report that shows multiple batches. Production Wizard™ provides the necessary tools to insure there are sufficient raw materials in the tanks to allow for the multiple batches to be made properly.

Ingredient Usage and Formula Tally Component
This is a new feature. Once batches are run through the Batch Creation tool, this feature captures the information to keep a snap shot of each batch. This information can be modified if any changes were made to the actual amounts dispensed (sold separately).

All the information necessary to present to milk marketing inspectors is tallied. A complete list of all ingredients, usage amounts, butter fat weight, etc. is reported. Ingredient usage for any time frame can be reported. The total amounts of each formula made for a particular time period is also reported.

Fast & Flexible Update of Ingredient Composition
Certain raw ingredients such as milk and cream vary in composition from one delivery to the next. Production Wizard™ makes raw ingredient composition and amount updates simple. This feature is a real time-saver and reduces the chance of making errors. Any type of ingredient content update calculation can be used.

Multiple User Accounts
The administrator can limit access to Production Wizard™ files and set up as many user accounts as needed. Users can log onto Production Wizard™ and have separate options, formula files, and ingredient files.

With Production Wizard™, Owl Software can quickly create a data bridge to share valuable information with other software programs and databases.