Production Wizard™ Examples

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TechWizard Example BBQ Sauce Recipe Hot and Sweet plus Allergens Kitchen Batch Sheet and Nutrition Facts

Batch Ice Cream

Janet and Brad work for R. H. Ice Cream Company. Watch as Janet transfers the latest lab analyses results to Production Wizard™ and Brad uses this information to create a batch report.

TechWizard Software Example Pizza Formula including Crust Ingredients based on Dough plus Sauce Ingredients Formula

Update Tank Ingredient Composition

Watch as Janet checks tank status and updates the composition of tanks containing cream and condensed skim using Production Wizard™.

TechWizard Example Spice Blend Cost of Formulation plus Reports like Spec Sheet and Nutrition Facts Panel and Ingredient Statement

Restandardize Mix (Fix-A-Mix™)

Brad has a problem. According to the lab, his 1000 gal of 12% fat ice cream mix he just prepared is too low in both solids and fat. Watch as Brad restandardizes the mix using Production Wizard™.

TechWizard Example Ice Cream Compositional Requirements Fat Sucrose Corn Syrup Stabilizer

Create a User Account

Frank is the Production Wizard program administrator for R. H. Ice Cream Company. Watch as he creates a new user account.

TechWizard Example Reverse Engineer an Ice Cream from a Competitors Nutrition Facts Label

Configure a Formula

Watch as Frank reconfigures an existing formula to allow the user to pick skim powder if the plant is running low on condensed skim.