Ingredient Request Sheet

Push Button Ingredient Retrieval

TechWizard™ has a large ingredient database but when you are developing a new product, preparing a nutrition label, or an allergen statement you may require the latest ingredient information from your suppliers. This is a simple task with Owl Software’s new Ingredient Request Wizard™. This new feature allows you to update ingredient composition, Kosher status, organic status and allergen content with the click of a button. This new feature is making its debut in TechWizard™ Version 4.

Ingredient suppliers are constantly refining their products, reformulating to reduce cost, and making recipe changes to remove allergens. TechWizard™ users need an easy way to retrieve and utilize this information. The Ingredient Request Wizard™ takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of specification sheets. Why struggle through numerous specifications sheets and numerous telephone calls to request information when you can simply push a button.