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This is your portal for short course information. Owl Software is the industry leader for formulating and evaluating frozen dessert products.

This web page provides a variety of links to assist you with continuing to discover TechWizard™. There is also information on the discount provided to attendees.

Owl Software Frozen Dessert / Ice Cream Short Course

TechWizard™ Discount Details for Participating Short Course Attendees

For New TechWizard™ Customers:

We are offering a 50% discount on the purchase of TechWizard™. The purchase price with the discount is $1,275 USD for a single computer license. This offer expires at 5:00 pm U.S. Central Time March 20, 2024. This offer is for first time purchasers only and is extended to the employing company of the attendee. The annual maintenance fee for a single user copy is $255.00 and is due one year from purchase. This is an optional fee. It covers continued access to technical support, updates and new software versions.

For All TechWizard™ Customers:

20% Off the purchase of a TechWizard™ Network License or Network Additional seats.

20% Off TechWizard™ Training.

The Owl Software Secure Discount Store is the easiest way to purchase the discounted TechWizard™ software. Contact Us if you already have TechWizard™ and wish to know more about discounted software and training.

New or Current Customers are eligible for this discount. Contact Us to learn more. This offer expires at 5:00 pm U.S. Central Time March 20, 2024. This offer is extended to the employing company of the attendee.

Watch Presentation: Frozen Desserts & Computer Assisted Formulation

This includes videos for all the exercises used during the Computer Assisted Formulation class. If you download and install TechWizard(tm), you can learn how to use TechWizard(tm) by doing the exercises.

Short Course – Computer Assisted Formulation Handout (PDF)

This is a more detailed handout than the one used in class. It includes all the instructions needed to do each exercise from start to finish.

Download TechWizard™ (includes short course examples)

This will open the TechWizard™ Download registration form. Please fill out the form and submit it. Afterward, you will receive installation instructions and a one month registration code. This is a fully functional copy of the application.

TechWizard™ Features

This provides detailed information on what TechWizard™ can do for you. It includes information on nutrition labeling, specification sheet creation, frozen dessert formulation, least cost formulation, reverse engineering, and other topics.

See Other Examples of How to Use TechWizard™

This section includes examples for products other than frozen desserts. It will help you understand how versatile TechWizard™ can be.

Production Wizard™ – Advanced Batching

Production Wizard™ brings the power of TechWizard™ to the plant floor and simplifies day-to-day batching. This section provides details on how Production Wizard™ works.

TechWizard™ Software Requirements (download full requirements document)
TechWizard™ requires ~100 MB of disk space.
Microsoft® Windows® full installation of Microsoft® Excel® 2010 or higher.

Notice: TechWizard™ will not run in Microsoft® Excel® for Mac.
TechWizard™ will not run in Excel® online.
Neither the TechWizard™ application, TechWizard™ formula files, nor TechWizard™ ingredient files can be accessed from Microsoft® OneDrive. You can backup files to OneDrive.