Ice Cream Frozen Dessert Formulation

Owl Software is the industry leader for formulating and evaluating frozen dessert products. TechWizard™ includes a variety of formulation and reporting tools that are tailor made for creating frozen desserts, novelties, and inclusions. TechWizard™ has features for calculating the overrun of plain products or products containing inclusions. Our Production Wizard™ software is an excellent solution for day-to-day manufacture of ice cream.

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The following are some freezing properties examples (schedule a live interactive meeting):

freezing curve

This is a TechWizard™ freezing plot for 3 ice cream formulas. The goal was to modify the original 12% fat ice cream to obtain a 3% fat formula with similar ice content. This is necessary to guarantee similar mouth feel and textural properties.

The curve labeled 3% fat represents the original formula after simply adjusting the fat. This formula contains too much ice.

The curve shown for the Reformulated Ice Cream (3% fat) formula was developed by TechWizard™ to match the ice content of the original. Notice that the orginal formula and the reformulated formula have almost identical ice content curves. This is an easy task using TechWizard's special formulating features.

A variety of other plots are available in TechWizard™ as well.

freezing point

The freezing point of up to 4 different formulas can be compared.

ice content exiting the freezer The ice content at the point the frozen dessert leaves the freezer barrel can be determined at any temperature. Up to 4 different formulas can be compared.
Ice Content at a particular temperature The ice content at any temperature can be determined. In this example, the ice content of 4 mixes are being compared at a temperature used for storing ice cream.