Academic Users

 TechWizardAcademic Users

Owl Software encourages the use of TechWizard™ for educational purposes at colleges and universities.


TechWizard™ is an excellent teaching tool for courses in food analysis, product development, food chemistry, and nutrition to name a few. Owl Software provides TechWizard™ to qualifying institutions for academic use. If you would like assistance including TechWizard™ in your educational program or short course, please let us know. We would be happy to help!

Download the Academic Version of TechWizard™

Download Latest Copy of the TechWizard™ Manual (pdf)

TechWizard™ examples which may be helpful for developing course material.

Please contact us for more information.

Food Analysis Students

For instructors using the Nielsen* Food Analysis book, there are TechWizard™ instructions discussed in the Nutritional Labeling Using a Computer Program laboratory exercise. Click here to obtain an updated copy of this laboratory exercise (pdf format). We thank Dr. Metzger and Dr. Nielsen for including TechWizard™.

*Nielsen, S. S. and L. E. Metzger. 2003. Nutrition labeling. Ch. 3, in Food Analysis, 3rd ed., S.S. Nielsen, Ed. Kluwer Academic, New York.