Version 2 Network Patch:

  1. Make sure all users have exited the Production Wizard™ program before installing the patch.

  2. To start downloading the zip file, click here ->
    When prompted save the zip file on your computer.

  3. In case an issue arises, make a backup copy of the files to be overwritten.

  4. Extract and move the updated files and folders to the Production Wizard™ folder overwriting the original ones. This will not change or interfere with your current ingredient or formulas files. Make sure the following files in the Production Wizard™ folder are read-only and unblocked: PWFront.xls, PWZ_AddIn.xlam, PWZ_Wkb.xls, PWzXL07.xlam. To learn how to set a file as read-only conduct an Internet search for, “windows set file read only”. To learn how to unblock a file conduct an Internet search for, “windows unblock file”.

    If you need assistance installing the patch, feel free to contact us.

Note: The current edition of Production Wizard™ Version 2 is 2.40.00. You can determine what edition of Production Wizard™ Version 2 you have by clicking the Version button in the Production Wizard™ Front Panel.

Click here if you require the latest copy of the manual.